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Vicarious: A Stunning ’52 Chevy 3100 Built Without the Owner Knowing

There are not enough words in the world to describe the sacrifices parents make for their children and it’s nice to be able to pay them back in one way or another. For Tyler Scarfe of Mannitoba, Canada, his father, Bill, has always been there to help whenever need be. He was also there to lend a helping hand when Tyler was starting his own full-service fabrication shop, HPI Customs. Supporting your children’s dreams is just a part of life and Bill has done just that.

Custom Front of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

The Struggle

Bill is also an automotive enthusiast and had many vehicles in his personal collection. As he poured efforts into his resort, Lake Jessica Lodge, he ended up selling off is fleet to help fund the business. However, he was able to pick up a ’52 Chevy truck that would be his next project. He started compiling parts together for it, but health issues started to arise and prevented him from being able to do all the work on it himself. That’s when Tyler formulated a plan to secretly complete the project and surprise his dad when it was done.

Front of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

From the Ground Up

Starting with the chassis, it was stripped of all the suspension in order for some more modern components to be added. To make this truck a real corner-carver, Tyler added front and rear independent suspensions from a C4 Corvette. The front received custom control arms and the whole thing was set up on AFCO coil-overs to make for a fully tunable system. The chassis was then topped off with a set of Kore3 Z06 14.25-inch front disc brakes and a master cylinder to power it.

Thunderous Power

Making this truck a real performer is a small block chevy V8 engine that is force fed by a Vortech V3 supercharger. On the other end of the engine is a set of Dynatech headers and custom 2.5-inch exhaust with Borla Pro XS mufflers.

Engine of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

It also has Edlebrock cylinder heads, water pump, throttle body and a Pro-Flo XT intake manifold to further its performance. Making it all run is an MSD ignition and Holley EFI unit for modern tuning. Topping it all off are custom valve covers that were created by Missing Link Machine.

Modern Features

Power is transferred to the Vette rearend via a 4L85e transmission that has a Powertrain Control Solutions push-button gear selector and paddle shifter. Bill doesn’t even have to stumble around for keys as the engine has a push-button ignition located on the dash. Just beside it is the custom Dakota Digital VHX gauges that help keep track of all the engine’s vitals.

Dash of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

Secret Operation

Tyler was able to sneak pieces out from under his dad’s nose to build this truck but one thing he had to be replaced was the cab as it wasn’t feasible to secretly get it out. The new cab was then given a flush-mount single-piece windshield and the doors were slicked out with the addition of Kindig-it door handles. Up front, the sheet metal was smoothed, and a custom valance was made to replace the bumper.

Door Handles of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

Making it Shine

You may notice that the rear doesn’t quite look like a truck born in the mid-century. To give this truck a unique appearance, Tyler modified a bed from an ’88-’98 Chevy pickup and made a new inner section that has a spray-on liner. The ’52 rear fenders were customized to hold a set of Chevy HHR LED taillights.

Rear of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

After some other exterior massaging, the body was made smooth and painted in Subaru Tangerine Orange Pearl paint made with Matrix Systems’ materials laid down by Auto Resurrection.

Function Meets Luxury

The inside of the cab has been completely redesigned and showcases a custom sheet metal dash that has the truck’s name in a CNC’d badge made by Missing Link Machine. Underneath it is a Flaming River steering column with Eddie Motorsports wheel and a set of Lokar pedals to help control this rig.

Interior of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

For added luxury, Sew Fine Interiors added a set of Pontiac Bonneville seats and custom door panels. These pieces were then upholstered in leather with rhino inserts.

Rolling Attire

The finishing touch was the addition of the 18” and 19” Budnik Remington wheels with 255/40R18 and 285/35R19 Nitto Invo tires. This combo looks great and the Invo tires hold up with the performance of this truck while also looking the part of a modern custom vehicle.

Nitto Invo's on Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

These tires get the job done with large tread blocks and solid ribs to gain maximum traction. The fun doesn’t end in the wet either as they have two large grooves to channel water and help maintain grip.

Ultimate Payback

Throughout the build, Tyler was living out his father’s visions without him knowing and it only seemed fitting to name the truck “Vicarious.” Once completed, Tyler was able to surprise his father with this truck and he was completely taken back with the efforts Tyler made for him.

Name Badge of Bill Scarfe's '52 Chevy 3100

We can only imagine how good Bill must have felt to have his son pay him back for all the sacrifices with this glorious truck.

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