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Wings 'n Things

Big ones, small ones. Fat ones, skinny ones, Tall ones, Short ones. Wings have been the thing(s) this year at SEMA Show 2014. Typically they are used to increase downforce for certain race cars, but big wings have recently become the emerging trend even on show cars. They are just that extra oomph to set them apart from a normal build. Wings-3 Love them or hate them, here are the top 5 styles of wings found this year. 1. Carbon Fiber ESPIRT wing on this Bulletproof Automotive Nissan GTR Wings-1 2. APR Performance wing on this Factory Five GTM Wings-2 3. Voltex Wing on this GReddy Nissan GTR Wings-4 4. Liberty Walk wing on this Porsche Wings-5 5. Rocket Bunny Wing on this Nitto Nissan GTR Wings-6
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