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Best of 2016: Photos From the Dirt

There was no shortage of amazing backdrops in 2016. From JK Experience Alaska to the silt beds of Baja, Driving Line was there to cover all of the action. Here are a few of our favorite photos from one incredible year off-road.

Trail Grappling into the sunset

Best of 2016 automotive photography - Trail Grappler Tacoma Sunset

Photo: Ali Mansour

Hard work pays off once you head out and kick up some dirt. 

Old school pulling

Best of 2016 automotive photography - diesel truck pull

Photo: Mike McGlothlin

Jacob Bair’s 70s body Chevy is always a front-runner at the nation’s biggest truck pulls. The classic Bow Tie sports a Cummins engine built by Haisley Machine—a name that’s put more customer’s in the winner’s circle than any other shop in the country throughout the last half decade.

Fun at work

Best of 2016 automotive photography - Ultra4

Photo: Shana Whitford

Kyle Wells and Doug Dienelt being downright goofy and adding to the fun of team Driving Line at Ultra4 Nationals.  

Testing the limits

Best of 2016 automotive photography - JKX Alaska

Photo: Ali Mansour

They say it’s the last frontier. We spent a week traveling through the coldest ‘wheeling we’d ever encountered during JKX Alaska. The views and adventure was worth it, seen here on our final day at Knik Glacier.

Here to party

Best of 2016 automotive photography - Crew Cab Cummins Custom Pickup

Photo: Tim Sutton

Cummins power + crew cab, this Lobster Wagon is ready to party.

Charting the course

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Rebelle Rally

Photo: Tim Calver

A compass and map were all Bailey Campbell and Kendra Miller had to navigate them across 2,000 kilometers of off-road terrain during the Rebelle Rally. 

Punch it

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - King of the Hammers Erik Miller

Photo: Shana Whitford

I can almost feel the punch of speed as Erik Miller’s car hits the berm in his path forcing his front tire to pitch up in the air at KOH 2016.

Mud bath

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - JKX Texas Jeep

Photo: Ali Mansour

Jeep Xperience Texas at the Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

Ridge Grappling

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - Ridge Grappler Ford F-150

Photo: Tim Sutton

Trailblazing, able to conquer all, and on top of the world.

Plowing ahead

Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - truck pulls

Photo: Mike McGlothlin

Andrew Karker’s Duramax-powered ’04 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, plowing a road at the local truck pulls. His street-driven, 900-rwhp GMC is known to beat purpose-built pulling trucks at their own game, run bottom 11’s in the quarter-mile, and even partake in a street race here and there.


Best of 2016 Automotive Photography - KOH Erik Miller 2016

Photo: Ali Mansour

Miller Motorsports King of the Hammers victory celebration. Can Erik Miller be the first to win three times?

Continue on to see our favorites from the pavement in Best of 2016: STREET Edition.

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