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Love it or Hate it, this Custom Jeep Wrangler JK Pickup Conversion Will Grab Your Attention

When the original Jeep was released to the public post-WWII, it was envisioned as a bare-bones off-road adventure vehicle for those that wanted the same experience as the returning WWII soldiers. Through its nearly seventy year history, the Wrangler has largely maintained that same ethos through re-designs, powertrain revisions, and ever-expanding options for increasingly demanding customers. For some owners though, trail-riding and rock-crawling isn’t the priority.

Custom Jeep Pickup

For a vehicle with three-quarters of a century of modding history, getting “outside of the box” is a tough endeavor. The scope of what’s not only possible, but appreciated, is enormous. The Wrangler has become a blank canvas, where some choose to increase the inherent capabilities and pursue off-road adventures, while others like owner Dylan Brooks push the vehicle to places that the manufacturer never intended. 

DV8 Jeep Pickup Conversion

Custom Wrangler Pickup Bed

While the Gladiator is now blowing up in the Jeep world, the idea of a modern Jeep pickup was only a dream for most enthusiasts until recently. The last factory produced Wrangler-based pickup ended production in 1985, and since then, owners have dreamed of once again having the utility of a pick-up bed. DV8 Offroad saw that need and released an all-in-one truck conversion kit that converted a 4 door Unlimited JK into a 2 door pick-up. 

DV8 Pickup Conversion

Of course, Dylan wasn’t content to stop there. To match the conversion, he added DV8 outer and inner fenders and bumpers. The pieces were painted matched to the body to complete the show-focused aesthetic. The look, as wild as it is, flows well thanks to the intentional effort by DV8 to get the pieces to work together. 

DV8 Fenders on JK Jeep

Stance and Wheels

The Jeep’s imposing stance comes courtesy of an 18” lift from a King coilover lift kit. Supporting mods include a Teraflex flip steer kit and Teraflex Ultimate 60s high pinion front and rear hubs. With all of that additional ground clearance, Dylan fitted a set of 26x16 JTX wheels with 42x15.50r26 Nitto Trail Grapplers. While this particular Jeep isn’t a trail-runner, the Trail Grappler provides aggressive aesthetics without sacrificing performance on large diameter applications. 

42" Trail Grappler

Not All Show

But this Jeep isn’t all show. An ARB air-locking differential works with the tires to add traction in unpredictable situations. Under the hood, an S&B cold air intake helps the engine to breathe while a full custom exhaust helps on the back end of the combustion process.

JK Wrangler Jeep Conversion

Custom Interior

Inside, the cabin of the former four-door Wrangler has been completely transformed. Gone are the two rows of stock seats, replaced with two Corbeau heated racing seats with 4 point harnesses.

Jeep DV8 interior

A Superchips TrailDash2 programmer provides Dylan with all of the truck’s vitals, while a Carobotor digital dash modernizes the driver’s view. A Ultruvantage custom steering wheel with hydro blue stitching pulls the exterior color scheme indoors and adds some flair to the former pedestrian cabin. 

Jeep Wrangler JK Truck interior

Can't Forget the ICE

The in-car entertainment has been completely redone, replacing the stock speakers and head unit with Rockford Fosgate components and an Alpine head unit that transforms the appearance of the stock unit. Moving outside, more speakers have been installed on the exterior to move the party outdoors and entertain show-goers. 

Rockford Fosgate sound system

Standing Out

While a show-focused Wrangler won’t be for every Jeep enthusiast, this pick-up conversion has impressed enough fans to have won several awards at street-style events across the country. When a model has a legacy as deep and wide as the Wrangler, standing out in a crowd isn’t as simple as an OEM+ suspension and wheels build.

Jeep Wrangler DV8 conversion

Dylan has put together a unique truck that keeps enough of the 4x4 heritage to keep the purists at bay, while also turning up the attitude to 11. Whether on-road or off-road, this Wrangler pick-up is bound to turn heads.

Jeep JK Truck Conversion

JK Wrangler Pickup Specs

Exterior DV8 truck conversion, LED light conversion, Dv8 fenders and bumpers paint matched, Evo front inner fenders, Dv8 rear inner fenders
Suspension Custom 18 inch lift on 2.5 king coilovers, Teraflex flip steer kit, Long arms, Extended brake lines
Powertrain S&B CAI, custom exhaust, high speed radiator fan, Teraflex ultimate 60s high pinion front and rear hubs, ARB air lockers, 5.38 gears
Wheels and Tires 26x16 JTX wheels brushed and powdered hydro blue, 42x15.50r26 Nitto Trail Grappler tires, True Spike three piece lug nuts
Interior and Audio Corbeau heated racing seats with 4 point harnesses, Ultruvantage custom steering wheel with hydro blue stitching, Carobotor digital dash, Superchips trail dash 2 programmer, Alpine restyle radio, Rockford Fosgate mids and highs and P2 12s, Rockford crossovers, Rockford wire kits, Rockford amps for mid and highs, Rockford bass knob, Rockford Fosgate outdoor radio in side door, 4 Rockford marine speakers, Rockford marine amp
  • This Jeep not wild enough for you? The Apocalypse 6x6 should quench your thirst. 
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