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NT555 G2 and the Chevrolet C10: Modern Performance for a Vintage Street Truck

Although modern truck manufacturers and owners have generally leaned into the off-road and adventuring world for the past decade, the trucks of the 20th century were much more evenly divided into 2WD and 4WD. Classic hot rod aesthetics have been borrowed for as long as both the trucks and the style have existed, and the '80s and '90s saw mini-truck and sport truck styles emerge. 

c10withnittont555g2 16

Although Chevrolet was light with OEM sport packages for the C10, save for the 454 SS at the tail end of the C10’s run, owners have created their own street versions of their trucks in every imaginable style. One common thread between many modern street builds, however, is the decision to trust Nitto NT555 G2 ultra high performance summer tires. 

NT555 G2 on OBS Chevy Truck

The NT555 G2 was designed with performance drivers in mind, but its benefits go further than muscle car and sports car applications. The Nitto’s popularity in the C10 world, regardless of whether the truck has been restomodded to modern performance levels or not, can be tied to many of the same features that have driven its success in other more capable vehicles. 

Early C10 with NT555 G2

Getting a Grip

While most C10s won’t be pushing the limits on a race track, reliable traction on the street is a must for any pickup. With many of these projects receiving modern V8 swaps, the suspension engineering and lightweight rear ends can be easily overwhelmed with any amount of throttle. The NT555 G2’s twin center ribs and large tapered tread blocks work together to provide plenty of dry traction & straight-line stability for the modified trucks.

NT555 G2 on C10

For those that occasionally see wet weather, the NT555 G2 ensures that C10 owners can make it safely back home. As challenging as traction can be for modified trucks on dry tarmac, rain makes finding grip exponentially more challenging. The Nitto tires feature carefully engineered center and shoulder grooves that aid in water evacuation and wet handling.

NT555 G2 on C10 rear

The Perfect Fit

Another reason that the NT555 G2 has found its home in the C10 world is the large diversity of sizes. Whether it's an OEM+ restoration or a high horsepower beast, there’s a size that works for that particular truck.

c10withnittont555g2 2

While the temptation for a lowered truck would be to go with a smaller diameter tire, the deceptively small OEM sizes can actually stand to be increased. The larger size wheel and tire combo fill the wheel wells much better without sacrificing too much ride height difference.

c10withnittont555g2 4

Looks Matter Too

Furthermore, for those that need to run staggered sizes, Nitto has designed the NT555 G2 models that are wider than 275mm to have larger tread blocks than the smaller sizes. This small design tweak allows for greater traction without having to mix and match staggered tires. 

Staggered NT555 G2 on Chevy C10

Aesthetically, the NT555 G2 gives C10s a look of modern performance without calling too much attention to themselves either. For builds with power levels that demand the use of a drag radial on the drive wheels, Nitto’s own NT555RII was crafted to not only meet matching sizing needs, but to match visually with the G2 as well. 

Chevrolet C10 with NT555 G2 tires

Period Correct isn’t Always Better

Although there will always be a decision to whether a truck is going to take advantage of all the modern performance benefits of the resto-mod aftermarket, or just be a period correct cruiser, owners will admit that Nitto’s tire technology shouldn’t be ignored. The Nitto NT555 G2 not only unlocks more of the truck’s performance potential but lasts longer than the truck’s originally equipped rubber.

Chevy C10 on NT555 G2 tires

A special bonding agent in the NT555 G2 increases the interaction between all the compound elements to reinforce bonds for higher compound rigidity during cornering, resulting in better handling capabilities in both wet and dry conditions.

NT555 G2 on classic Chevy C10

Chevy C10 + NT555 G2

A summer ultra high performance tire like the Nitto NT555 G2 will not only handle all the performance needs that a mild street truck will ever need, but will also improve handling in both wet and dry conditions, allowing for better straight-line stability, all while providing more size options for vehicles that benefit from staggered fitments like the C10.

c10withnittont555g2 1

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