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Driving Line Mark Logo Puts the Ridge Grappler to the Test

Many can talk the talk, but only few can actually walk the walk. When the Ridge Grappler launched, Nitto Tire immediately made bold claims that it is the "best of both worlds" and a "groundbreaking" hybrid tire, but can it really be true? got their hands on a set of Ridge Grapplers and slapped it on a Ford F-150 Raptor to see what they could make out of Nitto's claims.

Could such an aggressive, wide-void tire still run buttery smooth and quiet on the road? Have we finally found the tire that lets you use your truck for date night with that special someone and for a rowdy weekend on the trail with the boys?

Find the answers to these and more in the video above to found out what had to say about this hybrid tire, and read the full review on their website.

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