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Spocom Anaheim [Photo Gallery]

Just about every weekend there is a car show going on in Southern California, and Spocom Anaheim is no different. This year I rolled in as a booth car, so that means I had a long time from roll-in to roll-out to explore the show. Unlike most car shows, Spocom brings other elements to the table - most notably the tables in the center of the show known as the Model's Lounge. Take a load off your feet, you won't need to walk the whole event because this here is your one-stop-shop for all your import model selfie needs. Near the Model's Lounge is the stage where various dance crews come out to perform synchronized Nae-Naes, Stanky-Legs or whatever hip choreography is in nowadays. There is so much going on, it would be easy to get lost at what you're doing at Spocom. I kept my focus with the cars because there were a lot of quality builds this year. Groups like LTMW brought out their usual stable of awesome builds I've been seeing all year, but there were few other surprises, like the Team Hybrid 4 rotor RX-7 or the cool blue Fairlady Z in the Vibrant Performance booth.

Check out the gallery from Spocom Anaheim below:

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