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The Happeningest Show on Earth: SPOCOM Super Show Anaheim [Gallery]

On the corner of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is the Anaheim Convention Center, host to a wide range of events, from anime to zombies. On this particular weekend SneakerCon, the U.S. Open Badminton Championships and the SPOCOM Super Show were designated to specific halls. Even though signs were everywhere, we knew exactly where we were headed. (Hint: It didn't involve soles or serves.)

drivingline spocom2017 jp 030 4680

Year in and year out, there are always so many things happening at SPOCOM. When you're at a show for 6+ hours, you tend to appreciate the constant high-energy atmosphere the staff is able to create. As always the cars are great. It takes two, maybe three walks around — depending on if we get stopped to catch up with friends — to really get a good lay of the land.

The rest of the time can be spent getting seat time with the Project Cars 2 video game, shooting hoops with Meister Watches, winning prizes with State Farm or seeing what other vendors have to offer. The model lounge is always fun to check out, assuming we can fight through the crowds. And when the DJ drops the beat, it's time to set our attentions to the stage and watch the dance competition.

drivingline spocom2017 jp 049 4751

There's so much to see and do at Spocom! Check out the photo gallery above to get a sampling of what you missed out on.

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