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Top 5 Lifted Trucks of 2020

In recent years, the trend of trucks that bridge the gap between off-road and show has been growing. as well as the size of the truck's wheels and tires. These lifted trucks don’t cut it with a spacer and set of blocks on some all-terrains anymore. Bigger is better but the detailed custom work, full suspension setups, and attention to the looks of the truck itself take hold.

We took a look through several of the lifted trucks that debuted on Driving Line in 2020 and sought to pick our Top 5 Lifted Trucks. Aside from the obvious requirement of being lifted; the wheel and tire choice, detailed undercarriage, and overall theme of the truck were taken into account for this list. And of course, the last criteria, and some say the most important one; we asked ourselves, “is that a cool lifted truck?” Well, take a look for yourself and see if you agree.

1. Engraved Aluminati F-250

Who is bold enough to take a brand new truck and carve into the paint and body? Hank Robinson is and has done so a few times before.

Hanro's Engraved F250 Super Duty

Hanro’s Ford Super Duty stands out amongst the crowd thanks to its hand-engraved rolling billboard of a body with artwork that also flows to the coilover suspension and the interior. 

Engraved Suspension on Hanro's Aluminati Truck

Some more noteworthy details:

  • Hand Engraved Aluminum Body
  • Detailed KING Coilover Suspension
  • Mobile Work Station

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2. Orange Crush Suburban

An off-road rig that screams old school is always cool, but what brings it up to date is the modern performance and suspension that has been swapped underneath.

Orange Crush Suburban

All the period-correct custom accessories were combined with a comfortable interior perfect for family trips on and off the road.

Starlite's Old School Suburban

What we love about this truck:

  • Old School Styling
  • LS Swap 
  • Roadtrip Worthy Interior

See More of Starlite's Old School Suburban 

3. Military Tough, Baja Forged Ranger

When Ford brought the Ranger back a few years ago; one of the shops they looked to best showcase the potential of the mid-sized truck in the off-road world was the crew at LGE CTS Motorsports.

LGE CTS Baja Forged Ford Ranger

With just under a month before the SEMA show, the Ranger had all-new Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension developed to fit 37-inch tall Nitto Trail Grappler tires under molded-in fender flares. Topping it off, it is rare for a desert runner to see a full custom paint job; but custom paint just happens to be one of their specialties.

Ford Ranger Front End

What we love about this custom Ford Ranger:

  • Molded-In Custom Fender Flares 
  • Custom Paint & Graphics
  • Long Travel Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension

See more of LGE CTS' Baja Forged Ranger 

4. Mountain Ram 2500

Jeff Dyer is no stranger to custom diesel trucks or the mountain biking world. And those worlds collided when he went big on his Ram 2500 truck for the SEMA show.

Ram Truck with Mountain Bikes

A full FOX and McGaughy’s suspension setup was powdercoated to match candy red accented 26x14-inch rollers with 42-inch Nitto tires.

Ram Truck with 42-inch Nitto Tires

We know this truck is hard to miss, but keep an out out for these details:

  • McGaughy’s Lift & FOX Shocks
  • Mountain Bike Bed Rack
  • 42-inch Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Tires

See More of Jeff's Mountain Ram

5. The Big Short Crew Cab

It's big, blue, and beautiful: we love this '89 GMC crew cab behemoth.

Lifted GMC Crew Cab Truck

Paying as much attention to detail on a lifted truck as the street truck, muscle car, and street rod world. It wasn’t enough just to swap in an LS engine and upgrade the suspension, every aspect was redone and when it came time to throw new trim and bumpers on; the chrome was ditched for matte charcoal that matches the massive 22-inch rims.

Suspension Closeup on GMC Crew Cab

A few details worthy of note:

  • 4-Link Coilover Suspension
  • Painted Bumpers & Trim
  • LS Swap

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