We Are All Santa's Helpers: Winter Drive 2016

The annual Winter Drive is more than just an extravagant car show. In it's fourth year, the Purist Group has already established it as one of the most charitable holiday events in Southern California. While we are all connected by our love of the automotive world, all attendees came out to the Industry Hills Expo Center with at least one gift in hand. The goal of the day: collect as many toy donations as possible to help out families in need during this holiday season. With at least 20,000 toys donated, it's safe to say there will be many children filled with joy.

Winter  Drive

You know that big grin you get when a high-end exotic car or rugged, lifted Jeep enters? We want to make sure the children are smiling even bigger when they open their gifts. Fancy cars and trucks weren't the only treat for those who attended; movie vehicles from the BTTF DeLorean to the Fast and the Furious Eclipse were on site, while a few people in full Star Wars costume patrolled the show.

See more in the gallery above for everything that happened at this year's Winter Drive.

Winter Drive

(Photos by: Cory Mader)


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