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Killer Crimson Cruiser: Slammed, Blood-Red 2018 Mustang GT

This dark red Ford Mustang GT strikes a balance between looks and performance.

Why People Leave Ducks On Jeeps

The roots of this crazy trend.

From Toyota 2JZ to Dodge Hurricane: Does the Inline-Six Comeback Spell the End for V8s?

Nearly abandoned by the auto industry, the inline-six is engine is making a big comeback. What does this mean for car enthusiasts?

Will GM and Ram Bring Large Displacement Diesel Engines to the Pickup Truck Market?

Expect a new, bigger cubic inch Duramax to target 550 to 600 hp and more than 1,200 lb-ft of torque.

Sellin' the Motorcycle for 4x4 Freedom: Meet the Arctic Mojave Jeep Gladiator

Dan Nelson has used the "life-size LEGO" method to build a Jeep just to his liking.


Editor's Picks

20 Questions with TJ Hunt

It's a fun job, but managing an empire of influence isn't as easy as it looks.

Are Pickup Trucks Getting too Big? Nope, Deal with It.

Today's pickup trucks may be bigger, but there's lots of very good reasons for that.

Boosted Brilliance: Vintage Styling Meets Modern 1,000-hp Firepower on This ’66 Chevy Nova

Tony Causor's creation is more than just a car; it's a culmination of dreams, passion, and collaboration.

15,000-Mile Nitto Ridge Grappler Review on a Ford F-350 OBS

On the highway, its tread wears like an all-terrain. Off the beaten path, it’s an all-terrain on steroids.

baby camaro

Editor's Picks

The Bad “Baby Camaro”: An Old School Toyota Celica with a Supercharged LS Secret

Rocket Bunny Flares, Drag Radials, and a supercharged V8 stuffed into a classic Toyota.

Koda's Tacoma: A Bargain-Priced Toyota Tacoma Opens the Door to Outdoor Opportunity

The dog, the truck, and the keys to adventure.

How the LS V8 Conquered the World

GM needed a new engine would be required to carry their brand into the new millennium. Something more compact and fuel efficient than the old SBC V8.

The New American Hot Rod: An LS-Swapped Chevy S10 Pickup

Older pickups like the S10 have become increasingly great choices for builders on a budget.

Hold Up on the "EV Revolution," Toyota has the Right Idea for an Uncertain Automotive Future

While some of have attacked the company for its limited EV efforts, Toyota is winning big for now.

lead bus

Editor's Picks

Ford E-450 4x4 Expedition School Bus

This is overlanding on an entirely different level.

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