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Driver Battles Time Attack: 650hp Corvette Z06 vs 400hp Mitsubishi Evo X

In this edition of Driver Battles, we see the classic duel of raw power versus experience. Why else would we pit two cars with a 250 horsepower gap against each other? Think about that difference in power for a second.

Driver Battles Corvette Z06 vs EVO X time attack race

That's more ponies than a new Hayabusa motorcycle makes. Granted, the cars weigh "a tad" more but you get the general idea. But how significant is that difference when one driver doesn't know the track and the other one knows it like a daily commute? When you watch the video, you'll find out. But first, let's see what we're working with here.

Christian Hudnell's Z06 vs Paul Aquino's EVO X in Driver Battles

Beast Mode

In the 2019 Corvette Z06, making 650 horsepower and running on Nitto NT01 tires (315/30R18 front, 335/30R18 rear), we have Christian Hudnell.

Christian Hudnell's 2019 Chevy Corvette Z06 on Nitto NT01 tires

And the fun doesn't stop there. Christian's ride also packs an AFE Catback exhaust, a Competition carbon hood, an MGW short throw shifter, Racetech 119 Series seats, DSC Tractive RTS shocks, Brembo ceramic brakes, a Teamtech seven-point harness, and BC Forged RZ05 wheels.

Nitto NT01 tires on a Corvette Z06

All of his mods were aimed at making it perform consistently under conditions like these. The Nitto NT01 also gives the Corvette consistent performance at the track not matter if it's in a technical hairpin or straight, flat out speed with the throttle wide open. However, he's owned it less than a year.

Christian Hudnell about to race in Driving Line Driver Battles time attack

And this is only his third track day with it.

X Factor

Paul Aquino's Evo X is gonna need some seriously skillful piloting if he's going to keep up. Luckily for him, he has that and since he's owned the car for over four years, he's very familiar with how it runs and handles.

Paul Aquino about to race in Driving Line's Driver Battles series

On top of that, he's also brought it out to Willow Springs ten times or more so he knows the track, too. Paul's 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X puts out 400 hp but it's not exactly stock, either. His Evo X carries a 2.0L 4B11T engine. It makes the most of its power output thanks to Kelford B cams, a Garrett GTX3576R turbo, and an SSP stage 2 clutch.

4B11T engine in Mitsubishi EVO X

Perrin sway bars make it more maneuverable while the VIS carbon hood brings down its weight. It also packs a Sabelt harness. Just like Christian's Vette, Paul's Evo X relies on Nitto NT01 tires  (275/35R18 front and rear).

Nitto NT01 tires on a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X

Who Will Win? Where to Watch the Video

The two cars duked it out at Willow Springs all day for this edition of Driver Battles to see which would make the best time. Hudnell's Corvette had a huge advantage going into the straightaways where he could really open it up but would that be enough against Aquino's intimate knowledge of the twists and curves of the track? You'll have to watch the whole video for yourself to see who came out on top.

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