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Wolff Takes the Win: 2023 ULTRA4 RUSH ANNIVERSARY BASH

As the warm weather set in on Thursday cars began lining up to practice for the weekends events at the Rush Off-Road Park in Kentucky. The new 8 mile long track is a tight woods course with plenty of long stretches, but there are rock sections and some fun ledges, too.

Paul Wolff racing at 2023 Rush Ultra4 2nd round on Nitto Trail Grappler tires

The close quarter racing would be problematic for passing, but this year the Ultra4 course crew built it in 11 different either-or’s, which is where there are forks in the road and the driver is forced to make a choice on which path they must take. Some paths may be faster depending on driving style and race car capabilities.

The crowds packed in for the huge event at 2023 Rush Kentucky

The fans were packed in tight as this event always hosts a huge crowd and brings lots of fun for fans and racers alike. The total car count for the weekend was 106, which is mind blowing to think all of the race teams and crews that pack in for the event to help make it all possible. Even more impressive is that over half of those were UTV race teams, which was the highest Eastern Regional Series side by side count ever.

4400 Cars blasted though the mud in 2023 Rush Kentucky

The park was very dusty and visibility was a problem for all classes on Friday, but on Saturday racers got a little bit different course due to the downpour of rain that set in on Friday night. The rain lasted most of the night, rocking camper and enclosed trailers of racers and fans alike. Throughout Saturday, the mud puddles became holes and steep hills could mean winching for a team if they were not able to get the car up on the first try. The rest of the course dried out quickly when the big cars with loud motors started making laps.

Josh Blyler racing in the 2023 Rush Kentucky

Pre-running and testing each option became a huge part of the race strategies and could pay off in big ways during a race, or possibly end the racers day if they weren't careful. The close tree cover over the course would normally help keep the sun out of driver's eyes while racing, but in this case, unfortunately, the trees can also seemingly reach out and grab a race buggy screaming down the course and tear off a wheel when least expected.

Trees played a role in sending races home who pushed to hard

Knowing how to push the rig to the max and simultaneously keeping it together is what it took to be a champion at this year's race at Rush.

Racing Acting was super tight on the trails in 2023 Rush Kentucky

4400 Class Winner

And Paul Wolff did just that, he was able to keep his 4400 IFS monster moving quick throughout the woods and stay focused to put it in the top spot. Since he qualified first he was able to maintain the lead and enjoyed the clean air where he raced steady but conservative. It wasn’t until the end of the race, with just a few laps to go, when Josh Blyler started to make a run for it, which is when Paul really put the hammer down for his last lap — and it was the fastest of anyone all day.

Paul Wolff off-road racing a rutted course at 2023 Ultra4 Rush, KY

After the race, Paul explained that the course was super dusty for qualifying, but the next day after Friday night's precipitation, as the mud holes got driven though the cars began to pull the mud out of the holes and farther down the track, which meant that he had to be more mindful of the area following the mud. Traction and tires because much more of a factor, and noted that his win was due in part to the great traction he was able to maintain with his Nitto Trail Grapplers through those tough sections.

img 8969

Paul also took second in the 4900 class. And if that wasn’t enough he wrapped up the night by racing his Ultra4 car in the Rock Bouncing race that night after beating on it all day.

4400 Racers Blasted though mud in 2023 Rush Kentucky

Additional Race Highlights

Jesse Oliver felt right at home in his new 4500 class racecar pushing it from the rear of the pack all the way to first place with a huge thanks to the Team Indiana Pit Crew for the speedy pit work that kept him going. He was also very thankful for the expert co-driving of his teammate Cory.

UTV Racer blasting thought the woods in 2023 Rush Kentucky

The 4600 Checkered flag was taken by Mick Henson in his weathered tan Toyota pickup that he has raced in everything from King of Hammers to the National Rock Racing Series. Luckily, got to run on Friday before the rain set in and muddied up the course on Saturday. He watched some of the rerunning, and made adjustments to his game plan to make for a smoother run. The stock class is limited to a DOT 35 inch tire and because of the smaller tire he had to make more strategic and careful line choices on race day.

The dust made visibity almost zero for the UTV race at 2023 Rush Kentucky

The UTV class has undoubtedly grown over the years due to the popularity of the side by side, so racing has naturally become more and more competitive. One name you constantly see at the top is Kyle Chaney, in his bright yellow Can Am. Chaney has had made a name for himself battling from state to state so seeing his win in the Pro Mod class was no shock to anyone. Bragging to everyone that he took his first ever “non-KOH win” was funny, but nipping on his heels was Paul Wolff in his almost identical Can Am, with Cody Martin wrapping up the podium finishers.

UTV Passing was hard in the tight woods in 2023 Rush Kentucky

The other end of the lineup is the stock UTV class with Jason Wofford taking the win. Just as impressive is Jody Ford, coming out of the Branik Team Indiana, who pushed the car all the way up to 2nd place. No stranger to mud and woods, since Badlands in Indiana in basically a home park, he knew just how to handle the terrain and the series he raced weeks before was perfect for getting the car dialed-in.

Pre-running the course is super important to know the fastest line in 2023 Rush Kentucky

Making their first appearance outside of KOH in Ultra4 was the short course legends the Greaves family, CJ and Johnny. The Greaves name is synonymous with off-road racing so it was no surprise they ended up on the podium together in the UTV Open class with Bill Hilliard splitting the pair.

What an awesome day a of racing in 2023 Rush Kentucky


UTV 170 Limited

1.) Alexander Walraven

UTV 170 Modified

1.) Brain Fulcher

2.) Mason Dowker

3.) Raleigh May

UTV Stock Production

1.) Jason Wofford

2.) Jody Ford

3.) Chris May

UTV Pro Modified

1.) Kyle Chaney

2.) Paul Wolff

3.) Cody Martin

UTV Open

1.) CJ Greaves

2.) Bill Hilliard

3.) John Greaves


1.) Mick Henson

2.) Adam Collen

3.) Doug Langford


1.) Jesse Oliver

2.) Cody St. Clair

3.) Duane Garrettson


1.) Ryan Taylor

2.) Steven Rose Jr

3.) Brian Trempe


Podium for 2023 Ultra4 Rush Kentucky

1.) Paul Wolff

2.) Josh Blyler Casey Gilbert

3.) Tad Dowker

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