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10 Lottery Winner's Dream Cars From the GMG Racing Open House

If I only had one word to describe last year's GMG Racing Open House, it would be "immense!" Quality cars turned out as far as a few blocks away from the main event. This year I left home early to get a good parking spot close to the front, but it didn't help...the meet had already been completely filled up. The street had turned into the most expensive parking lot in the world, riddled left and right with Porsches, Ferraris and more. Before I could even take my camera out to start shooting, this view reassured me of one life goal I must the lottery and buy all of these cars!

gmgracing openhouse md 01 porsche 610

Here are 10 cars from the GMG Racing Open House I will buy with my lottery winnings (whenever that happens...):

1. Ferrari Testarossa

gmgracing openhouse md 02 ferarri testarossa 611

One of my childhood dream poster cars showed up, the Ferrari Testarossa in its natural red. You can’t own a classic Ferrari and have it in any other color.

2. McLaren 675LT

gmgracing openhouse md 03 mclaren 604

These new Mclaren 675LT’s are popping up more and more lately. Power is definitely a beautiful thing; women might need 50 shades of grey, but this is the only shade I need.

3. Bugatti Veyron Vitesse L'Or Rogue

gmgracing openhouse md 04 bugatti veyron 615

I've gotten used to seeing these in the blue, like the one in the Petersen Museum, but this ultra rare red and black combo is exactly what I would picture Darth Maul driving.

4. Koenigsegg Agera R

gmgracing openhouse md 05 koenigsegg agerar 633  

I had only seen the CCX but now I can finally say I have seen an Agera R in person and it is amazing.  It is a very dark blue blended with the carbon fiber body so you can still see the weave.

5. Ferrari 458

gmgracing openhouse md 09 ferrari 458 617  

There has recently been a trend of tuners that have started doing this livery style, but this is a first for a 458 with the fighter jet livery from possibly a P-80 or P4.

6. Ferrari F355 Challenge

gmgracing openhouse md 10 ferrari f355 621  

So cool they made an arcade game out of it! Since it's still being worked on maybe I can win the lotto before it's done. Yup, I'm saying there's still a chance!

7a. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

gmgracing openhouse md 11 ferrari f12 650

This would be my choice as a daily Ferrari, especially with the ADV. 1s, of course. I think this is the one that was doing burnouts at Hoonigan the other day

7b. Novitec Rosso Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

gmgracing openhouse md 12 ferrari f12 638

Okay so maybe I fudged the list a little, but can you really blame me? If I...when I win the lottery, one F12 will be for the streets and the other will be for the track, obviously.

8. Porsche 911 GT3

gmgracing openhouse md 14 porsche 911 gt3 640

The BRX Media 911 GT3.  I’ve seen this car multiple times even on the 57 freeway heading to photoshoots.  This color combo works extremely well and definitely grabs my attention.

9. BMW 355i

gmgracing openhouse md 15 bmw 355i 643

The moment I saw Jeff Sibal’s Vorsteiner 335i on Instagram, it became one of my favorite builds with the aggressive yet elegant styling.  Nothing over the top like all these Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk kits everywhere. Jeff’s choice of following the original body lines by adding the Vorsteiner kit and wheels definitely gets my thumb double-tapping.

10. Toyota Supra

gmgracing openhouse md 16 toyota supra 644  

Even with all of these high dollar cars, I can't leave out the Toyota Supra. Brendan's Widebody Supra is a personal favorite of mine since it's a show car that doubles as a track car. Loving his setup of his SSR Professors built to spec wrapped with Nitto Tire NT05s.

Maybe. One day. If only. Oh well. At least I can still dream, right? Leave a comment below on what your dream cars you would buy if you won the jackpot.

Check out the gallery below for more cars from the GMG Racing Open House:

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