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Scenes of Battle: 86 Photos from the 2018 King of the Hammers Race You Won't Find Anywhere Else [GALLERY]

From speeds of over 130 mph to crawling rocks the size of a bus, the unlimited 4400 class Ultra4 car is the ultimate performance machine when it comes to four-wheel drive racing. Each year, tens of thousands of off-road racing fans flock to Johnson Valley to witness the spectacle of King of the Hammers, particularly the 4400 class main race. King of the Hammers lived up to its name as the toughest single-day race on Earth, as only 28 of the 102 vehicles that started the race made it to the finish line. The nearly 200 mile course is so grueling that spectators can only see the racers rush by in a handful of areas, but we had our cameras aimed and ready in places nobody can get to, bringing you exclusive Ultra4 racing action in its purest form. Flip through the gallery above and see the raw power of King of the Hammers.

KOH Bailey Campbell

Missed the race? Driving Line has got you covered with a detailed and time-stamped race recap, from the moment the first car left the start line to the 10:00 p.m. cut-off time. Read both part one and part two the 4400 class race recap right here! 

And if that's still not enough Ultra4 action for you, check out our King of the Hammers HQ page for everything you missed during KOH week.

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