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First Look: Miller Motorsports Pro Series Chassis

Own a carbon-copy of the 2016 King of the Hammers winning machine!

Race Ready: Miller Motorsports Pro Series Chassis [Video]

Find out how you can own a replica of Erik Miller’s KOH-Winning Ultra4 car.

The King’s Chariot: Erik Miller's 2016 KOH-Winning Car

Peeling back the layers on the Miller Motorsports Pro Series chassis.

Follow Along as Vaughn Gittin Jr. Tackles the Toughest 1-Day Off-Road Race [VIDEO]

Watch as Vaughn Gittin Jr. experiences off-road racing for the first time at 2016 King of The Hammers.

What’s It Like Trading Drifting for Off-Road Ultra4 Racing? Vaughn Gittin Jr. Finds Out

For most, a trip out to watch King of The Hammers is action enough. Drifting pro Vaughn Gittin Jr. packed a ton more action into his first King of The Hammers – he showed up, raced it, and placed 10th!

Portraits of KOH

Drifting vs. Rock Crawling: Not So Different After All

What could two completely different types of motorsport possibly have in common? We take a closer look and find that they have much more in common than you think.

CarTOON x Bailey Campbell: Celebrating 1st KOH Finish

Get the Bailey Campbell CarTOON, fresh off the drawing board of Michele Dallorso!

You've Been Waiting... Watch Journey to the Hammers Episode 2

Join the world of fast-paced and greuling off-road racing with 3 past winners of King of the Hammers, the toughest one-day race on Earth.

2016 KOH Main Race Day [Bonus Gallery]

If you thought you'd already seen every angle of Johnson Valley with our first 2016 KOH Main Race Day Gallery, well, you didn't. Here's a bonus gallery of 15 new photos to give you an even more exclusive look into that day.

Editor's Picks

Anatomy of a Winning Tire: How Trail Grapplers Conquer the World’s Toughest Terrain at KOH

How to finish first in the world’s toughest one-day off-road race without changing a tire? Find out what gives Trail Grapplers tires the competitive edge at King of The Hammers.

Hail to the King! How Erik Miller Succeeded Winning at King of The Hammers

He slayed the dragon, dodged the bombs, and took the throne once again!

Erik Miller Wins 2016 King of The Hammers!

Perseverence pays off as Erik Miller succeeded in winning his second title of KING of The Hammers

2016 KOH Every Man Challenge Results + Gallery

The 2016 Smittybilt Every Man Challenge is composed of three classes racing an almos equal course to Friday's main race. Full results and gallery here.

Day 2 Qualifying and Starting Order Results from KOH 2016 [with Gallery]

Past King Jason Scherer takes the pole for a second year in a row leading up to the main 4400 unlimited class at 2016 King of The Hammers.

Editor's Picks

Meet the 19 Year Old Who Just Became the 1st Woman to Finish King of The Hammers in the Top 5

After Bailey Campbell's first attempt during last year's toughest endurance off-road race, she finished 5th at the 2016 King of The Hammers. Find out all about her rise to awesomeness!

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