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Exploring Unmarked Trails in Alabama Hills

Our Jeep lets us escape the crowds and find solitude at a popular location in the Eastern Sierras.

Journey to the Center of the Earth at Reward Mine

One of the coolest things you can do in a Jeep, the Reward Mine trail takes you right into the heart of a mountain below ground.

Death Valley Escape Route Over the Slate Range Mountains

The Slate Range Trail follows the route taken by lost 49ers to escape the perils of Death Valley. This trail will have you holding your breath over the steep descents and amazing views.

Helter Skelter in Death Valley: Panamint Valley Trail Review

This scenic and challenging trail offers incredible views and visits historic Death Valley homesteads, including Charles Manson’s hideout at Barker Ranch.

Wheeling at Death Valley Mine Trail

An overnight camping trip out to Dawson Camp and beyond led to some fun mine exploring in the Mojave National Preserve.

Mining for History in the Mojave Desert's Kessler Peak Trail

Kessler Peak Trail in the Mojave National Preserve offer endless opportunities for exploring the rich mining history of the area.

Berdoo Canyon Trail Review

Escaping the park crowds in Joshua Tree National Park.

Mangled Metal and Windy Memories on the Grass Valley Trail

High winds are always a possibility in the Mojave Desert, but springtime brings the worst of it. We explored 50 miles of trail in the Mojave Desert, and it was worth it.

Stranger Than Fiction: The Trona Pinnacles

If you're a fan of Sci-Fi movies, this is the place for you.

Searching For Sasquatch: San Diego 'Wheelers Brave Bigfoot's Stomping Grounds

The beast may be folklore, but the 'wheeling is real.

The Dove Spring Pass Trail

Fun or a flop? Trail ratings can sometimes be deceiving.

Scenic Sierras: The Bird Spring Pass Trail

The breathtaking views make the adventure worth it.

Last Ride For 2015-The Bendire Canyon Trail

Panamint Valley is full of 4x4 trails, but this gem is one of the least traveled and most fun.

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