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ULTRA4 Off-Road Racing Course Lives Up To Its Name At The 2022 Tear Down In Tennessee Regional Race

In nearly 100-degree heat and stifling humidity, Erik Miller stayed cool through the treacherous course, and took the top spot on the podium.

High-Flying Off-Road Racing Action at the 2022 Ultra4 Prairie City Stampede

The short course race track provided plenty of unintended aerial stunts and high-speed off-road thrills: here's the highlights of the exciting event.

ULTRA4 Off-Road Racing Regionals Kicks-Off with the Area BFE Beatdown in Moab, Utah

4400 newcomer Paul Wolff takes the win in this grueling off-road race, followed closely by Loren Healy and Marcos Gomez.

Raul Gomez Claims the Throne: 2022 Nitto Race of Kings Recap

From high-speed passes in the desert to lead-changing rollers, this year's King of the Hammers had it all.

Raul Gomez Wins the Ultra4 Nitto Race of Kings at the Progressive 2022 King of the Hammers Powered by Optima

A new King of the Hammers is crowned, a victory that was years in the making for this Gomez Brothers Racing 4400 class off-road racing veteran

Team Nitto Dominates At Ultra4 Nitto Tire Nationals, Vaughn Gittin Jr. Crowned 2021 National Champion

Josh Blyler won the race at the Ultra4 Nitto Tire Nationals, while Vaughn Gittin Jr. took home the National Championship.

2021 Tear Down in Tennessee: Team Nitto Sweeps Second Ultra4 East Coast Podium

This Ultra4 off-road race season is hot and heavy, proving Team Nitto to be on top race after race.

Team Nitto Takes Over San Felipe: Places Top Three at Ultra4 El Rey de Las Bajas

The competition has been hot for the 2021 Ultra4 Racing race season, and they kept the heat on in San Felipe, Baja Norte Mexico for the second running of the El Rey de Las Bajas!

4WP Battle in Bluegrass: The Ultra4 Eastern Series Kicks Off with a Nitto Podium Sweep

There's nothing better than a full podium sweep and that's exactly what Team Nitto pulled off at the first Eastern Series race of the 2021 Ultra4 Racing Season.

Wild Horses: Inside the 2021 Ford Bronco 4400 Race Team

Packed with an all-star talent roster, the Blue Oval camp is going all-in on Ultra4 Racing.

The Lowdown on Ultra4 Racing's King of the Hammers 2021

Where to get your off-road racing fix this weekend and which drivers to watch for the win.

Ultra4 Nationals: Nitto Drivers Prove Champions at Season Finale

In the final race of 2020, Team Nitto swept the 4400 class podium. Ultra4 Nationals Race Recap and National Points totals.

2020 Ultra4 Crandon World Championship Off-Road Race Results

Healy sweeps the weekend for Ultra4 racing at Crandon

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