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Budget Diesel Mods: ’07.5-’17 Cummins

Unleash the beast that is a modified 6.7L Cummins with these proven power recipes.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’03-’07 Cummins

Bring your common-rail 5.9L to life with these no-frills power recipes.

Budget Diesel Mods: ’94-’98 Cummins

Transform your P-pumped Cummins into an animal with these budget-friendly parts combinations.

Soot Yeah! 6 Incredible Cummins Diesel Engine Swaps

From lifted trucks to one-off hot rods, the Cummins diesel continues to be the go-to choice for those looking for power and reliability.

All Hail the Duke: A Cummins-Powered K50 Built for a King

Get up close and personal with Rtech Fabrication's latest classic Chevy truck creation

Threshold for Pain: Cummins Edition

How much abuse can the iconic inline-six handle? Get help finding the limit for your Cummins diesel engine here.

Brand-New Bow Tie With Old School Cummins Power

This Mud Grappler-graced, 1,300hp ’17 Chevy Silverado holds nothing back in the dirt.

How to Get More Power From Your P-Pump Cummins

If the P7100’s ability to add 100 hp for free doesn’t get your attention, its four-digit horsepower potential should.

4BT Cummins + Solid-Axle Swap = The Dodge Dakota of Your Dreams

Stripped to the bare frame, this 2000 quad-cab Dakota build may have taken a few years to come to life, but the wait was well worth it.

5 of the Fastest Cummins-Powered Dodge Rams in Existence

Triple-digit boost pressure, 1,500 hp and 8-second elapsed times — it’s all here!

Kymera: A Cummins-Powered Colorado Unlike Anything Else

Fit with a 12-valve, 5.9L diesel engine, MRAP axles and coilover shocks straight from a trophy truck, this midsized Bowtie is one of the wildest machines on the planet.

ZOOM-ZOOM, Here It Cummins! The Diesel Drift Mazda Miata

Rolling coal and burning rubber in the world's first Cummins-powered drift Miata.

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