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Take 5: Sleeper Supra

This '94 Toyota Supra has a few surprises up its sleeve.

Take 5: The Off-Roading 'Amphibian' Jeep

We may or may not have a crush on this orange TJ...

Take 5: A Mustang That's Addicted to Fun

Leo's Mustang addiction began in the late ‘70s when a friend owned a ’69 Mach 1, it's now transformed into his '06 GT.

Take 5: Black Hawk Civic

We've got eyes on this '14 Honda Civic Si coupe... like a hawk.

Take 5: A Couple of Coyotes at Cars & Coffee

Meet Dan Pieson, proud owner of a Gotta Have It Green Mustang. His friends say he's one of the few who does a Mustang right.

Take 5: This Savage Scat Is Where It's At

You don't need a Hellcat to turn heads.

Take 5: '74 LS2-Swapped Datsun 260Z

Meet first-time builder Justin Mazerolle. Now take a look at his vintage Datsun build. It's OK, you can keep looking. *slow clap*

Take 5: A GMC Sierra Stormtrooper & a Jeep JK Named Jules

Meet Sierra 1500 owner Chase Goodwin and Jeep Wrangler owner Coralee Lack — two Instagram influencers, each following their passion and inspiring others to do the same.

Take 5: Superchargers and Exhaust Notes

Who knew that one Mustang GT owner and another Scion FR-S owner could have more in common than we thought?

Take 5: Mustang vs. Tacoma

Sure, the Instagrams of Phillip LeVasseur and Billy Futey might be popular for their awesome project vehicles, but there's more to these two owners than meets the eye.

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